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Rally meets and exceed the needs of businesses in record time, working together as a team.

Platform based, data intensive and capital light solution for dynamically managing requirements of financial institutions.

Ability to build no License Stack Solution

  • No application fee, no maintenance fee
  • Requires no application server
  • Self starting, fast starting
  • Runs on any operating system
  • Use any relational DB of choice including MySQL

Your financial solution partner

We provide high-end financial solutions with up to date technologies to offer you privileged solutions.

Designed for digital world

Rally is designed and developed from scratch to meet expectations of today's digital world.

Extensible and customizable

Customizable and extensible solution with a strong business model that can easily accommodate new features.

Time to market

Rally is powered by a development pipeline to enable faster deliveries. Each artifact is automatically tested, scored and promoted.

Microservice based architecture

Each component in solution can be deployed and then redeployed independently without compromising the integrity. Easy to scale and integrate with third-party services.

Cloud ready

Can run on premise or in public cloud environments.

Interactive user interface

User friendly, easy to learn and easy to use.

It’s time to race against challenges. It’s time for Rally.

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