Account Lifecycle Management

Account management in Rally is powered by event driven and microservice architecture to assure the highest efficiency and scalability. Rally supports term deposit and current accounts. Rally provides a flexible infrastructure to customers for account operations. Account modules facilitate users for their daily account operations. Account interfaces are highly visualized and user friendly in order to monitor account transactions easily. Event-based accounting structure helps decouple accounting system from core systems.


  • Change definition and rules to adapt accounting and ledger changes enforced by legal entities
  • Account operations can be externalized and reached from different channels by using related APIs
  • Open term deposit with past value date and close term deposit account online before maturity date
  • Deposit or withdraw money from term deposit accounts before roll date and choose from different interest period options
  • Receive approvals with strong process workflow management
  • View transactions in account timeline in chronological order
  • Voucher, audit trail and history recorded automatically in customers’ preferred language
  • Perform account inquiries easily
  • Historical balance progress reflected in seconds
  • Manage blockages