Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding is a solution provided by Rally to follow the customer’s whole lifecycle Rally enables onboarding customers easily and quickly with risk assessments and data quality issues. Lifecycles of customers can be followed in a centralized and flexible structure with the customer module. Rally supports both individual and business customer onboarding. Once a customer is gathered, current accounts can be created and bank card applications can be triggered.


  • Customer onboarding backed by strong process workflow management
  • Configure customer onboarding easily based on your organization’s needs and plan and monitor customer visits on a single platform
  • Prospect customer feature helps add future customers to the system
  • Identity types and rules can be declared and configured
  • Generate customer forms in preferred languages
  • Capture documents via camera, scanner or file system to be stored in object database
  • Configure document necessities (optional, mandatory, or choice of one mandatory)
  • Customer data quality calculated and displayed on Rally interfaces so users can take appropriate actions
  • Apply configurable questionnaires to customers
  • On-time notifications delivered to users
  • Manage customer relations and communication preferences efficiently
  • Third party implementations can be easily configured within Rally’s flexible infrastructure