Loan Origination

Rally offers both consumer and commercial loan, cash and non-cash, origination options. Loan origination contains application, proposal and disbursement processes and monitoring.

For Consumer Loans           

  • Subject of loan and intended collateral selection
  • Identify application details, applicant financial status, loans and debts on other banks
  • Fill loan questionnaire and collect documents
  • Simulate payment plan
  • Perform external rating, application scoring
  • Collect fees
  • Generate loan and debt agreements, proposal documents and delivery letters
  • Perform first degree assessment and approval levels
  • Open and authorize loan deal
  • Transfer sales value to dealer (for vehicle loans)
  • Demand, mortgage, vehicle, staff loans and more can be added from product factory

For Commercial Loans

  • Perform internal inquiry for customer, shareholders, subsidiaries and contacts
  • Evaluate inquiry results to continue to proposal process
  • Define credit line limit as fixed expiry or revolving
  • Propose collateral definition (surety, mortgage, pledged asset, etc.)
  • Final approval entity determination and running approval process
  • Escalate proposal approval process for each approval role
  • Separate collateral sub-processes to be executed
  • Investment, small business, spot, discount, non-cash loans and more can be added from product factory

Events that Rally Supports

  • Opening
  • Early closure
  • Interest collection
  • Early interest collection
  • Delinquent
  • Bad debt
  • Maintain
  • Add / Maintain / Delete / Pay Commission
  • Principle adjustment
  • Inquiry