Rally’s Business Processes in Current Scope

Customer Onboarding

  • Individual
  • Business

Account Life Cyle

  • Account Opening
  • Blockage
  • Status Changes*
  • Setup

Instant Banking

  • Activation
  • Access Definition
  • Rule Definition
  • Flow Definition

Loan Origination

  • Consumer Loan Origination
  • Business Loan Underwriting
  • Limit Management

Money Transfers In Bank

  • Deposit
  • Withdrawal
  • Remittance
  • Exchange
  • Sundry
  • Collection
  • Utility Bill Payment*

Money Orders*

Money Transfers Outward

  • Swift
  • Local EFT
  • Direct Remittance

Money Orders

  • Swift
  • Local EFT
  • Provision

Loan Management

  • Loan Repayment
  • Loan Monitoring
  • Collateral Management


  • AML Approval
  • Supervisor Approval
  • Complex Approval
  • Product Origination
  • Instant Banking Approval

Product Origination

Product Configuration

Rate Management*

Objectives of Platforms

  • Automating High-Value activities (offering cheaper and faster services and products)
  • Reducing intermediation
  • Offering customer and purpose focused specialized products
  • Enabling customer empowerment by granting access to previously restricted assets and services much easier

Technology Goals

  • Based on Latest Technology
  • Expose functionality as APIs
  • Cloud Ready (Containerization)
  • Robust and Scalable Backbone
  • Responsive & Interactive
  • Automatically Tested, Scored and Promoted

Ease of Building Technical Expertise

  • Openness and leveraging the standards helps team to troubleshoot much faster
  • Knowledge and skills required do not depend on limited and expensive resources. Most of the time a web search brings solution to team
  • Recruiting the required human resources much easier


  • There are built-in capabilities to localize, customize and tailor solution
  • New and open technology helps solution to be extendable
  • Micro service based architecture to distribute or externalize certain functionality

Powered by DevOps

  • Infrastructure for incremental progress
  • Operational tasks are automated
  • Focused to increase efficiency
  • Tested and scored automatically

All Automatic Software Delivery:

  • Built
  • Unit Test
  • Code Quality Check
  • Deployment
  • API Test
  • Contract Test
  • Integration Test
  • Performance Test
  • End to End User Interface Test
  • Score